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Moti Lal Dugar
Chairman (MV Dugar Group)


MV Dugar is one of the oldest, biggest and most esteemed business house in Nepal. The group has kept its leadership position for more than 136 years in Nepal. The foundation of same was laid during the year 1884 by Late Shri Chandmal Dugar, later his son late Lunkaran Dugar continued the legacy forward and today under the able guidance of our Chairman Motilal Dugar, the group is not only maintaining its leadership position in all the businesses they are in but also creating future opportunities to lead in various more sectors.

The Philosophy of the group is “Work Hard Stay Humble”. MV Dugar believes everyone who has worked for the group in past and who are working today has been their biggest asset and its because of hard work of them that our group has for more than 136 years being leading from front and has contributed immensely in developing our nation’s Industrial, Agricultural, Automobile, Trading and Financial Sectors.

Today Group directly employees more than 3500 people having employee retention of 85% plus. In future we aim to grow our portfolio of Automobile Business and be the biggest private developer in Hydro Power in Nepal taking development to the most remote places of our country and contributing immensely in country’s economic development.

Vivek Dugar
Vice Chairman (MV Dugar Group)


The Automobile Division of MV Dugar Group is right on top. During the year 1972 Dugar Group started its Automobile division making it one of the biggest group in this sector.

Every section of the Automobile division is operated by professionals under the leadership of its business heads who directly reports to the Vice Chairman. Our association with all our principals are very long term and we have build the market for each product brick by brick and today we feel proud to be leading in all of the same which has keen possible following our principles, guidelines and building a relationship with our customers for life time providing them services and solutions to there challenges like a family members.

Our automobile division today employees more than 1100 people directly becoming the biggest employment provider in the sector in the country.

Going forward group aims to keep its market leadership in all its segments. Also we aim to expand our portfolio to include new products which will be in synergy with our existing products by which we aim to cater to more customer and be one stop solution provider to existing once.

our history

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    the beginning

    The Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. S.p.A. of Pontedera, Italy to a full line of scooters and one of seven companies today owned by Piaggio.

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    Vespa 98 II Serie (1947)

    This model offered significant improvements over its predecessor both in terms of the aesthetics and technical specifications.

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    Vespa Circuito 125 (1949)

    In the late forties the major motorcycle manufacturers considered the best way to advertise their vehicles to participate to several races. The aim was to bring the motorcycling industry to the general public with the hope of creating new potential customers.

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    70-degree anniversary (2016)

    Piaggio is marking the 70th anniversary of the iconic Vespa scooter with a special commemorative series of models, including the nippy Vespa Primavera, the sporty GTS (in 125cc and 300cc versions) and the timeless PX.

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